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Where do I begin with Luna Lopez’s upcoming release? She tackles multiple heavy topics like growth and maturity, forbidden love, owning one’s sexuality, and walking into unexpected relationships. She manages measuring all the right ingredients together and mixing in the proper amounts of sexy, snarky, and suspense creating a multifaceted work based on complex themes which blew my socks off.

I sliced off a taste of the raw dough for this piece, thinking the masterpiece swirled around the idea of a student-teacher taboo prose piece. Where My Heart Lies digs deeper into the final baked good Lopez delivered. The rich ingredients mold together into a savory blend of goodness including mending broken hearts, dissolving a marriage—which is not done through falling out of love but rather recognizing types of love—and strengthening a strained relationship. She cleverly mixes in a scorned ex-lover and a fresh look at a misjudged relationship. Then, Lopez set her words to the proper temperature of sexy time and sprinkled it in areas with enough spice to pull out all the emotions from anger, fear, and guilt to hope, love and laughter. This bakes into a well thought out treat from page one to the end.

Her characters develop in a rich, batter of connection through growth and maturity. The themes dive deep into the richness of discovering what one seeks out of a life lived to its fullest. She truly hit the baker’s dozen of novels with Where the Heart Lies and is a must-read.

by Luna Lopez – Author

Releasing on 27th April 2019.
Available on eBook & Paperback


Willow Olivia Walker is a newly single Cambridge University student heading home for the summer holidays, following a bitter split with her controlling and manipulative ex-girlfriend, Kristina.

Initially dismayed to discover her eccentric parents have hired the beautiful Georgia as a live-in nanny for her two younger sisters, she treads carefully, but slowly, a friendship blossoms that has the potential to bloom into something special.

Discovered in flagrante by her over-bearing mother, Willow packs her bags and returns to Cambridge, intent on spending the remainder of the summer months preparing for the academic year ahead.

A chance encounter between Willow and barely separated university professor, Francesca Marten, is the start of a friendship that extends beyond the confines of student and teacher.

In Francesca, Willow finds a lover who knows what she wants, but for Francesca, Willow is the epitome of the young, carefree girl she left behind twenty years before.

As Willow and Francesca’s friendship blossoms, danger lurks around the corner, as somebody is watching their every move, intent on revenge for what they perceive as the ultimate betrayal.

Together, Willow, Francesca, and a host of others dig deeper to find the tormenter threatening to derail their future paths.

Bio Author Luna Lopez

My name is Luna Lopez, and I’m from the South West of England.

I am a single mother of five children that keep me busy and leave little time for anything else.

Following years of false starts, I released my debut short story First Kiss in January 2019 and have finally finished my debut novel, Where My Heart Lies, which will be available on 27th April 2019.

I am so excited about stepping into this world of writing and hope you enjoy my work.


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