Shea nails this rockstar romance!


Jayla and Austin come from the wrong side of the tracks. They grew up together, holding one another up, through the tough times in their socio-economically depressed neighborhood. Poverty brought them together and broke them up, but they each paved a path of success on different scales.

A decade later and a past hidden deep, they meet again under different circumstances which play on their meager beginnings. Austin, the famous rockstar, and Jayla, a private security team expert, are thrown together as Austin, and his band, is in need of protection. Auston only has his eye on his old friend who he refuses to let go this time around.

Kacey Shea rocks the socks off this bad boy rockstar and humble security officer. She develops Austin and Jayla in a slow burn wrapped with scars from the past and a refreshing newness to a couple comforted by blending the old and the new. Shea writes Jayla with a tough as nails attitude but leaves her kryptonite dangling in front of her. A bit of a paradox of sorts, as Austin is the wild card to Jayla’s rock solid stability. Together they fill in the missing years and must decide if this is their time or if they are passing in the night one last time. Shea nails this rockstar romance!



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Replay is the final book in the Off Track Records series, but each book can be read as a standalone. If you’d like to start back at the beginning all of my rock stars are FREE to read with a KU subscription or available on Amazon.


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I tip my chin up, letting my head fall back against his stomach. I catch his grin and let my own lips curve up playfully. Or at least, it starts that way. Under the heat of his stare and with his hands still moving across my shoulders in deep, sure circles, my body tenses for an entirely different reason.

His touch feels intimate.

The way he’s studying me from beneath those dark lashes is intense. He doesn’t look away, and I couldn’t if I tried. “Honestly, Jay, what can I do? You shouldn’t carry all this stress.”

“I—” want you to touch me. The words catch in my throat and hammer in my chest. My pulse gallops and I press my legs together as the need between them—the need for him—obliterates any rational thought.

I almost say those words aloud.

By the heat in his stare, I wonder if he feels it too.

“Jay,” he whispers. My name on his lips is full of the same tortured longing I feel down to my core. We barely scratched the surface of this sexual tension when we were teens, both too young and too naïve to fully understand the power of it.

Now. Right here. I swear those same feelings have multiplied and grown. It’s overwhelming. Terrifying as hell. And yet . . . I can’t help but arch my back even more. I delight in the way his gaze drops to the neckline of my shirt.

His eyes zero in on my chest and his touch becomes feather light as his stare takes in the hard peaks of my nipples straining against the soft cotton fabric. I want him to touch me there. To haul me off this chair and into his arms. I need to taste his lips as they press against mine. Crave it.

“I have an idea,” he whispers so softly that if I weren’t watching his lips I would have missed the words.


His hands brush along my arms, down to my elbows and then back up, his fingers so close but not touching the swell of my breasts. “It’s selfless on my part, because you know how giving I am.” He’s teasing. Joking. But it doesn’t kill the chemistry that swirls between us. If anything, it only adds charge to an already building momentum.

His hands feel good, but they’re not enough.

“Your idea?” My gaze waits for his.

“I want you, Jayla.”

“Oh.” Heat pools in my belly. My skin feels flush. And my body, my body wants this and everything he wants to give.

His hands slide up the length of my neck, then still as they cup my face. “I’ll make you feel better. I swear.” He tilts my chin up and my back arches in response. His body leans down over mine, slowly closing the space between our mouths.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” I murmur, completely fascinated by the heat in his stare, and the way his tongue swipes across his lips.

“Let me kiss you at least?” He lowers his mouth, his intent as clear as his words. “I’ve been dying to taste those lips. To see if they’re still the same.”

“Um . . .” I should feel caged in. Between the chair and the table, his hands near my throat and his body behind mine, I expect my anxiety to ruin this moment. Only it never comes. Instead, desire and attraction so powerful flood my veins. I almost reach up and grab for him.

“One kiss?” He bends, closing the remaining space until there isn’t more than shared breath between us. All I need to do is close the space, to nod my consent, and his lips will crash on mine.


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